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Low Flying

Low flying was something I loved to do. I was fortunate to fly as an instructor with the German and Dutch Air Forces at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas because we flew a German syllabus that included a lot of “low flying,” low being defined as a thousand feet. Then I went to Great Britain as a Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) in the RAF where we flew many low level sorties at two hundred fifty feet. Much more fun.

Here are a few videos I selected to give the uninitiated some idea of what low flying entailed and to give the old-timers out there a rush.

This video is for the serious student of low flying, a forty-six minute television program of RAF pilots transitioning into the Tornado at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland…great low level!


This video incorporates flying the Jet Provost, the aircraft I flew whilst with the Royal Air Force with a nice tour of rural Wales…flown a tad high for my liking…


Also in the Jet Provost…a bit of a bomber pattern…good radio chat. One of my toughest problems to overcome in Britain was understanding the radios.


Great scenes of NATO jets down in the dirt in Wales!

Here’s a three ship of Mirage 2000s flitting along the beaches and over water…really low!


Not to ignore the Navy…here’s an F-18 ripping down the Russian River.


You can low fly almost anywhere…here’s a Puma in Chad for you rotorheads…


A Norwegian Air Force F-16 four ship low level compilation…


This looks like a great way to spend an afternoon. Pretty cool!


Let’s not forget the big guys…gotta be tough to fly the heavies! Here’s a C-130 low flying in Japan…


Civilians like it low as well…good Jimmy Buffett cover


Here are several insane low flights—especially the one across the water—done in an Antonov-2 Colt, the world’s largest biplane. This is a shameless plug for my soon-to-be-published novel, which features a Colt.


And, of course, our fathers and grandfathers loved a bit of low flying as well