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Venezuela Goes To The Polls

Life in Venezuela continues to be turbulent. President Maduro won a small majority in elections last Sunday. His last-minute attacks on the opposition seem to have paid off at the polls. Maduro used the state-controlled media to paint the economic woes of his country as the result of an economic war waged by the United States against Venezuela.





And this is what 50 + per cent inflation does to your economyhttp://homes.yahoo.com/blogs/spaces/world-s-most-expensive-cities-for-foreign-workers-014251972.html

This is a late addition to the post– updated June 9, 2014…which shows how entrepreneurial Venezuelans would be if government restrictions and crazy economic policies would allow them…http://finance.yahoo.com/news/venezuelan-prostitutes-making-killing-doubling-155947318.html

This is yet another update — February 2015…things continue to get more desperate in Venezuela:


The post-Chavez tailspin of Venezula

Venezuela has been in a tailspin since Chavez clawed his way to power. A wonderful country trashed by megalomaniacs and their followers…Maduro is now demanding that his Congress grant him the dictatorial powers it granted Chavez– and we can see how well that worked…Venezuela’s inflation rate is nearly 50 per cent, up from 21 per cent last year…there is much pressure on the bolivar…there are shortages of the most basic of staples…the people of Venezuela deserve better than this.


The President of Venezula is starting to get scary